We are pleased to introduce our new Surgical Instruments Web Site.

We are one of the Leading Group of Manufacturers and Exporters, Importers and serving to this industry since 1961.

The high quality of the Company’s products has been appreciated for many years through the world and SURGICRAFTS will maintain this reputation by applying same degree of care and concern for manufacture and design as in the past.

“We like to thank all our Clients for their patronage, expressing the unwavering faith they have in SURGICRAFTS”.


Our Certifications

Our Production house

Our facility where we are manufacturing our instruments.

Dedicated team of Surgicrafts

Muhammad Aslam Mughal (late)

Founder of Surgicraft

Amir Aslam


Faisal Aslam

Production Director

Sher zaman

Managing Director

Yaser Amer

Marketing Director